Award Winning Cattle

Shat Acres Highland Cattle is the oldest registered Highland herd in the United States. It is also the oldest closed herd, meaning no Highland female has been purchased for breeding in over forty years. The over fifty years of breeding and perfecting desirable Highland genetic traits has also made Shat Acres Highland Cattle some of the most winning Highlands in the United States. 

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Shat Acres Cinnamon (with the assistance of excellent bulls) was in large part, responsible for Shat Acres' success in the show ring.  Ol’ Cinnamon, as she was affectionately called long before Ray and Janet began showing their Highlands throughout the United States, was the dam of Shat Acres Cinnamon Swirl and Shat Acres Cinnamon Raisin, as well as several other Cinnamon offspring. Cinnamon Swirl, was Ray and Janet’s first National Western Stock Show Grand Champion in Denver, Colorado in 2004. Cinnamon Swirl’s offspring then did their momma proud, Shat Acres Swirl’s Girl winning Reserve Grand Champion Cow/Calf at the NWSS, and her son Shat Acres Cinnamon Bear winning many Grand Championships in 2009. Another Cinnamon Swirl daughter, Shat Acres Cinnamon Eve, was Grand Champion Cow/Calf in Virginia in 2016 with baby CinnamonDot. 

Shat Acres Cinnamon Raisin and Ray leaving as Grand Champion, 2015 National Western Stock Show, Denver, CO.

Shat Acres Cinnamon Raisin and Ray leaving as Grand Champion, 2015 National Western Stock Show, Denver, CO.

Another daughter of Ol’ Cinnamon, Shat Acres Cinnamon Raisin, is probably the most well-known Highland female in the United States. Raisin has won Grand Champion Cow/Calf at the NWSS three times, the only cow in history to do so. Her first National Western Grand Champion Cow/Calf honor was in 2011 with a set of twin calves, Crimson and Clover. Since then Amazin' Raisin has gone on to win over a dozen Grand Championships, her most recent at age 12! One of Raisin’s daughters, Shat Acres Cinnamon Raisinette was Grand Champion Cow/Calf at the 2017 Big East in Springfield, MA. Another Raisin daughter, Shat Acres RaisinBrandy, was the Roll of Excellence Heifer of the Year for the United States in 2012 and Grand Champion Cow/Calf at the 2017 NWSS! Cinnamon Raisin’s son, Raisin Cain was the top selling bull at  the 2016 NWSS Show and Sale.

Shat Acres Raisin Brandy, 2011 Roll of Excellence Female, 2017 Grand Champion Cow/Calf, National Western Stock Show, Denver, CO

Shat Acres Raisin Brandy, 2011 Roll of Excellence Female, 2017 Grand Champion Cow/Calf, National Western Stock Show, Denver, CO

SBA Award

In addition to award winning animals, Ray and Janet were named the 2016 Small Business Association (SBA) Vermont Family Owned Business of the Year. It was particularly unusual for a small farm to receive such a coveted business award. At the awards ceremony, Janet thanked hers and Ray's 170 four legged employees who never need to be reminded to get up to go to work or to work diligently at their job. All Shat Acres and Greenfield Highland Beef employees work hard every day to eat and grow bigger and to maintain the pastures and the environment—probably because they have had the best mentor possible—their mommas. 

The award was based on the uniqueness of their business, the innovation Ray and Janet have shown by crossbreeding their Highlands to produce a more economically viable product, growth in herd size from 30 head of cattle in 2004 to the 170 animals they have now, and the love Ray and Janet have for their Highlands. Although Ray and Janet manage all aspects of their business themselves, they credit their 170 four legged employees with helping their business to be successful.  To be eligible for this award the company must have been family owned for at least fifteen years, with ownership that has transitioned to another generation. Vermont's Secretary of Agriculture stated "Shat Acres is the kind of hard-working and innovative family agricultural business that makes Vermont's working landscape so vibrant and unique. Your focus on community, sustainability and your unwavering commitment to excellence, authenticity and taste reinforce Vermont's reputation as a hotbed of good food, and a leader in the local food movement." Ray and Janet feel very honored to have been recognized in this way. 

"Best beef I've ever tasted! Lean, but not dry, and very flavorful. I don't even usually like beef." ~ Brynn

"We love Greenfield Highland Beef...we eat it even though they are so cute!" ~ Justin