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Greenfield Highland Beef is The Better Beef because it is...

Tenderness Guaranteed

As the former Chair of the Beef Marketing Committee for the American Highland Cattle Association, Janet worked with Dr. Bryon Wiegand of the University of Missouri to develop a protocol to study the unique traits of Highland beef. Over two hundred Highland beef samples were tested from farms throughout the United States for lipid profile, taste and tenderness. To Dr. Wiegand's surprise, test results concluded that Highland beef, when raised according to the test protocols, is the most tender beef of any breed of cattle ever tested! For Dr. Wiegand's Executive Summary, click here.  For an article written by Janet, explaining the origin and results of the study, click here

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In addition to Tender, Greenfield Highland Beef is:

• 100% Grass Fed and Finished

• High in CLA's and unsaturated fats

• All natural 

• Always on pasture, never in feedlot

• Hormone and antibiotic free

• Non-GMO

• Humanely raised

• USDA inspected

• Dry aged

Grass Fed

When you add up the score card between grass-fed beef and grain finished beef, Grass-Fed and Finished wins hands down.

The more naturally raised, 100% Grass Fed meat has: 

     • Less overall fat

     • Fewer Calories

     • More omega-3 fatty acids

     • A healthier ratio of omega-3 fatty acids

     • More CLA

     • More vitamin E

     • More beta-carotene

Like all beef, grass-fed/finished beef is an excelled source of high-quality protein, iron, zinc, selenium, phosphorous, and the B-complex vitamins. But it is superior to grain-fed beef in a number of key ways. It is lower in fat and calories and higher in omega-3 fatty acids and CLA. The differences alone justify a switch to Grass Fed and Finished beef! 

Fresh pasture offers hundreds of times more of these nutrients than a standard feedlot diet. As a result, grass-fed met has up to four times more beta-carotene than conventional feedlot meat. Given all these benefits, a steak from a  cow raised on pasture is even healthier for you than chicken breast - the meat that health authorities are so quick to recommend. The steak has about the same amount of total fat, making it an equally good choice for a heart-healthy diet, but it has more omega-3s. What's more, it has less cholesterol than chicken and more than four times more CLA's. Move over chicken. Make room for grass-fed beef!*

*Excerpts from the book: Pasture Perfect: The Far-Reaching Benefits of Choosing Meat, Eggs, and Dairy Products from Grass-Fed Animals by Jo Robinson


Good For You

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  • There are 29 cuts of beef that meet government guidelines for lean
  • Beef is famous for providing ZIP: Zinc, Iron and Protein
  • Zinc helps heal injuries, build muscle, strengthen our body to fight infections and helps you think, remember and pay attention
  • Iron carries oxygen to body tissue and help make energy, fights infection and is import to children’s brain development. Iron from beef is much more easily absorbed than from vegetable sources.
  • Protein is the source of energy for your body. The protein in beef is a “complete protein” which means it has all the essential amino acids the body needs to build and repair tissue, muscle and organs.
  • Beef is one of the best sources of B vitamins in our diet. B vitamins are important in metabolic activity to make energy and set it free. Vitamin B 12 is needed for normal functioning of body cells and the nervous system. It is only found naturally in food from animals
  • Because Greenfield Highland Beef is 100% Grass-Fed and Finished, the lipid profile is high in healthy CLA’s and unsaturated fats.

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"Can't say enough good things about Greenfield Highland Beef--especially the ground beef. Flavorful and very little fat. Makes the best meatballs!" ~ Brenda

"This is my favorite of all the local beef. I always look for it. My 1st choice by far!" ~ Mona